About us

Power the Press is a two day seminar on the business of screen printing that is organized by the owners of Reviation Industries, Ross Hunter and David Chadd. Reviation was incorporated in December of 2007, the exact month and year the United States entered a crippling national economic recession. Even though the economy was slowing down, Reviation was just getting started. By the end of 2009, Reviation had grown its gross revenues by roughly 250% over total gross revenues in 2008, showing that even in a down market, we could still be profitable in a highly competitive industry. We started with a $12,000 investment in a manual press, 20 screens, emulsion and a few inks in a 700 square foot facility in San Dimas, CA. After being in business 8 months, we were successful enough to purchase an automatic press and move into a 2100 square foot facility. After our initial beginnings, Reviation has seen a steady growth rate of about 20% per year. Success and survival did not come easy by any means. We have emerged from many hard fought battles with information, knowledge, and hopefully a little bit of wisdom. We have made it work for 10 years in this business, and we want to share with you how we did it, so that you may gain insight into how you can also survive and thrive in the business of screen printing.

From very early on, business education has been a part of Reviation Industries. David has taught economics, business ethics, and management in the MBA program at the University of Redlands, and currently teaches business ethics and critical thinking for California State University. In addition to his work for Reviation Industries, he has been a university professor for the past 20 years. Ross Hunter has made quite a name for himself in screen printing education by consulting around 100 start-up screen printing businesses across the United States, and being a regular speaker at the industry trade shows. Many screen printing businesses owe a part of their success to Ross, and very generously thank him for his efforts to help get their business started. Read some of those stories here. To help their own business, David and Ross learned the business and the industry of screen printing, and they receive a special satisfaction to be able to pass those insights along to their students.